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Frequently Asked Questions - HSS Hire IPO

  • What price will I pay for the HSS Hire shares?

    The HSS Hire Prospectus details the indicative price range for the shares. The Prospectus will be available on the brokers' website or on the HSS Hire website . However, it's unlikely you will know the final price when you apply. It is also possible the final price may fall outside the indicative price range given below.

  • How much can I apply for?

    As the final price of the shares is normally unknown, investors may only apply for cash amounts. The Prospectus will detail the minimum investment and any specific valid application amounts. The minimum application for the HSS Hire Group plc Share Offer is £1,000 and there is no maximum.

  • Does it cost me anything to apply?

    It is normally free to apply for IPOs. A fee may be applicable for shares held in different ISA and SIPP accounts.

  • Can I apply for an IPO in an ISA or SIPP?

    Yes, it is possible to apply for most IPOs within an ISA or SIPP.

  • When will the Offer open and close?

    The IPO timetable is included in the Prospectus, detailing when the Offer will open, close and when the shares will begin trading. An IPO takes approximately 3-4 weeks from intention to float until trading beings. However, in some cases, this could be as little as two weeks. The HSS Hire offer open is on 22, Jan, 2015. The offer close is on 2, Feb, 2015.

  • Will I always get shares in an IPO?

    Whilst unlikely, there is the possibility that demand will be so high, that some investors may not receive any shares. For example, in the Royal Mail IPO, investors who applied for over £10,000 received no shares in the final allocation.

  • Who decides the allocation policy?

    The allocation policy is normally decided by the company floating on the stockmarket. The company will know the number of shares they are willing to sell and the amount of demand for the shares.

  • When and how will I find out if I received any shares?

    The company will normally announce the final price and allocation policy at around 7am on the day it starts trading on the exchange. Investors who apply through their broker will need to wait until the shares are showing on their account before they can deal. Most brokers tend to to have shares added to successful applicants' accounts by 8am (when the market opens). Confirmations of allocations are sent as soon as the shares are on your account, by email or letter depending on your preference. You will not receive a contract note for the shares as this is not a trade in the open market.

  • What happens to money not allocated to shares?

    Any money not used in the purchase of shares will be returned to your account by the broker.

  • What is conditional dealing?

    Conditional dealing is placing a deal before the shares are fully listed on the London Stock Exchange. Whilst unlikely, should the company floating decide to cancel the IPO during conditional dealing, all deals in their shares will become void. It is also not possible to buy shares within an ISA or SIPP during conditional dealing, but you can sell them. Shares become fully listed on the London Stock Exchange and unconditional dealings commence three working days after the share starts conditional dealing.

  • Do IPOs always go up?

    No. Like all investments, IPOs can fall and rise in value so you may get back less than you invest. The listing price of the share could also be lower than the issue price. If you are unsure whether an IPO is the right type of investment for you, you should seek help from independent financial advisors.


HSS Hire share price drops in second day of conditional trade

HSS Hire shares fall in second day of conditional dealings

Stock closes flat during first day of trading

February 2015

About HSS Hire Group IPO

HSS Hire Group provides tool and equipment hire and related services in the UK and Ireland through a nationwide network of over 250 locations. Focusing primarily on the operate and maintain segments of the market, 90% of its revenues come from business customers. HSS was acquired by Exponent Private Equity in October 2012.

The HSS Hire Group plc has announced its Intention to Float on the London Stock Exchange via an IPO (Initial Public Offering). HSS expects to list at least 25 per cent of its shares, and that one of its institutional investors Exponent will remain the biggest shareholder after the IPO. The listing is being managed by JPMorgan, Numis Securities and Joh.Berenberg, Gossler & Co.

The company expects admission to take place in February. A successful float would mark a turnaround of a business that has changed private equity hands and been forced to restructure its debt during the recession as the property crash weakened sales of power tools and DIY products.

Expected price range for the Offer has been set at between 210 pence to 262 pence per Share. At the mid‐point of the price range, HSS' market capitalisation at Admission would be approximately £365 million. HSS expects to raise gross proceeds of £103 million for the Company through the issue of new Shares, which will be used to reduce the Group's indebtedness and provide greater capacity for additional capital expenditure to drive future growth in the business, and for the payment of transaction fees.

The HSS Hire Group plc Initial Public Offering (IPO) is now open.

Offer closes 5pm 2 February 2015

The Offer is set to close at 5pm on 2 February 2015, but may be closed early without prior notice. If you are interested in the Share Offer, please act now.

The Offer is open to individuals, companies, investment clubs and trusts physically present at the time of application and with a registered address in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Hargreaves Lansdown can also accept applications inside a Junior ISA or Junior SIPP.

The minimum application for the HSS Hire Group plc Share Offer is £1,000.

Expected timetable
> Offer open: 22 Jan
> Offer close: 2 Feb
> Allocations announced: 4 Feb

Trading begins
> Conditional dealing: 4 Feb
> Unconditional dealing: 9 Feb
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